Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beijing '08

Amnesty International, which fights for human rights across the world, has launched an awareness campaign against the use of torture in China. Their campaign slogan is, “After the Olympic Games, the fight for human rights must go on.” These are very powerful and moving ads from the advertising agency TBWA out of Paris, France and art director Philippe Taroux. The art direction and photography do a great job of bringing you into the advertisement. TBWA Paris was asked to make signs that focus on the current human rights situation in China and they really utilized the notoriety of this summer’s Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to do so. The main characters of the posters are the athletes themselves, subjected to torture next to their sporting equipment or beside their sporting facilities. It will really be interesting to see what happens in August in terms of protests, demonstrations, security situations and so on.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Wait, are you saying Chinese Olympic athletes participated in this photo shoot?

Jim Gay said...

Sorry to mislead, they are merely characters portraying actual athletes.