Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The new business card

Magntize provides you a free, slick website that acts as your digital business card.

Genius Idea: Several months ago, we reviewed Card.ly, a tool that let you create simple but elegant online social media business cards. Add in your business information, add some social media accounts, add a theme, and presto! You have a social media business card.

Magntize is yet another tool that follows in the same vein as Card.ly and boasts similar features. However, the execution is unique and different enough to warrant consideration if you’re looking to create a dynamic and professional online presence without a ton of effort. Take a look at my Magntize card for an example of what you can create.

The free web-based tool is rather simple to implement: add in profile information, a picture, a short bio, and contact information. After that, you can add links to your blog, company website, and social media accounts. The beauty of Magntize is that it can automatically detect new content within your links and add them to a social stream that appears on your digital card. Once you’ve added links, you can pick from a set of 9 unique themes and countless color schemes.

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