Thursday, September 18, 2008

Japanese Innovation Today, American Consumerism Tomorrow

Apparently Japan is the land of vending machines. As you'll see below they have some unique and interesting vending machines, to say the least. The possibilities are endless and considering how convenient they can be I don't know why there isn't one on every street corner here in the states. So as you look through these wonderful examples of ingenuity, think about the possibilities, tell a friend, write a delegate, make it reality. We'll all be better off because life will get just that much easier.

7-11 has nothing on this. In a rush? Late at night? Grab a hot meal from this beauty. That's right hot meal.

Why fight the traffic our crowds at the grocery store just for your Sunday omelet?

Accidentally mess your under britches? Run down to the corner for some vending lingerie.

Did a little thunder shower sneak up on you? Pick up an affordable umbrella and save that stylish up-do.

This is more on the awkward side but as you board your next flight and you get that strange gut feeling, buy some flight insurance and laugh about it when you land. But rest assure that your loved ones won't want for anything if you pass in a tragic crash.

Every teenage boy's dream. No ID required.

If you thought picking up a little teddy bear was tough, try a pissed off lobster. Genius idea, some people just refuse to give up on these things, spending big money. And now there's the added incentive to quell your hunger with a tasty shell fish.

"Mini Liquor House"? I don't know that I wish for this vending machine to hit the American sidewalks but you got to give it to the Japanese for their passion to party.

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