Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm speechless

Japan has some of the wackiest and most unusual products anywhere and this amazing new game for the Wii is solid proof. The game, Super Pii Pii Brothers, uses an unusual "strap-on" style accessory and peeing action.

The play mechanics are simple. Prepare yourself by strapping on the included belt harness and jacking in your Wiimote. A series of toilets are presented on screen and the challenge is to tilt your body to control a never-ending stream of pee. Get as much pee in the toilets as you can while spilling as little on the floor as possible. Get too much pee on the ground and your game is over. With realistic fluid dynamics for the pee and over 100 different bathrooms from bars and palaces to automatic Japanese style toilets you'll be entertained for hours. And wait until your friends see the multi-player mode with dueling pee streams.

According to the Japanese text on the box "Super Pii Pii Brothers promotes good bathroom skills and allows women to experience for the first time the pleasure of urinating while standing."


Daniel said...

First, I am reminded of the beerglass joke from the movie Desperado. Second, I'm unsure as to how this game "promotes good bathroom skills." Third, while I know women have always been in awe of our ability to lay a stream anywhere, I'm not sure giving them false hopes through a game system will get them any closer to realizing their dream of a standing piss. Last, I'm not sure about you, but the Wii controller is shaped nothing like my junk, but I guess if you shaped the controller phallically, you are essentially selling an electronic dildo that doesn't vibrate.

Alex Aloise said...

thank you for inviting me to your blog party. how do i get this game. i want it. very badly.